Biological biodegradable characteristic

To use biodegradable bags to protect our green homeland

Advanced technique

Winsun environmental company solved the difficulties of mulch formulation problem and production technologies by the key technology of changing the characteristic of starch,  which make the materials, quality, cost and efficiency of the company superior to those of other companies at home and abroad.

Biological biodegradable characteristic

When the used Winsun biodegradable plastics are disposal in the condition with microorganism, light, oxygen and water, they can biodegrade into water and carbondioxide absolutely as soon as possible, and won’t deposit into rivers or streams. The products have no harm to the human environment from production process to consumption process and disposal. Biodegradable plastics solve the problem of recovery and landfill which the way non-biodegradable plastics are disposal in, and reduce the disposal cost of waste and the cost of production.

Natural ingredient

Biodegradable materials, such as starches, can replace non-renewable petrochemical raw materials, and the biodegradable products can replace non-degradable or semi-degradable plastics. The biodegradable materials and products solve the globle difficulty of “white pollution” absolutely, protect human environment and get the technology to have a great breakthrough.

High quality

Zhaoqing Winsun Environmental Protection And New Materials Technology Co.Ltd has advanced production equipments, strong capabilities of developing new products, and its technology of producing biodegradable materials and products have reached to the world’s leading level.

3R principles

Zhaoqing Winsun Environmental Protection And New Materials Technology Co. Ltd abides by the rule of reducing waste and recovery. All the production waste can be recovered and recycled and the company follows the 3R principles (REDCE, RECYCLE, REUSE) effectively.

Harmless formula

The formulation of the environmental friendly bio-degradable materials focuse on using natural materials, that the main ingredients are starch and PVA, both with high safe characteristic and without any heavy metal to hurt human environment.

High Quality
Win-win situation

“In order to provide the best service to the customers,Winsun invites domestic and abroad companies to cooperate to build a global production and merchandising network of biodegradable materials.Welcome to join together to gain the best opportunity and meet the challenge.”
Winsun Environmental